Transforming construction methods will rebalance UK inequality

By Leila Steed24 March 2021

Mace logo

A new construction industry report published by Mace has revealed how using greener, faster and more innovative production approaches in the construction industry can help drive the UK Government’s levelling up agenda.

“The new normal – levelling up in a post-COVID world” report says that changing the way the industry operations would create billions of pounds of extra investment for left-behind regions. It includes recommendations for how changes within the industry can “boost productivity and investment” in underperforming areas of the UK.

Mace said, “The UK suffers from some of the worst regional economic inequality in the developed world, with deprived areas across the country suffering from a historic lack of investment, outdated physical and digital infrastructure which in turn drive poor productivity and health outcomes.”...Sign in to continue reading.

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