Triple boom tunnelling

24 April 2008

Construction of Tunnels on A € 57,6 Million E16 Highway Improvement Scheme in Norway is being advanced using the latest model in Atlas Copco's Rocket Boomer E-Series. Contractor Veidekke took delivery of the first production Rocket Boomer XE3, which features three BUT 45 booms fitted with COP 3038 drills, in March and a second will be delivered to the site this month.

Veidekke is using the new rig to drill blast holes for the excavation of two tunnels, which form part of a 5,1 km long bypass to the north of the existing E16 between Woyen and Isi. The twin bore 1,1 km long Brennen Tunnel and 1,4 km long Berghoff Tunnel are being driven through very hard Hornfels rock. “The computer guidance on the rig has helped to speed up the positioning process and improve accuracy, which has also reduced overbreak,” said Veidekke site manager Jorn Iversen. “The quicker set up and the XE3's third boom also means that the time needed to drill the 120 holes needed for each blast is cut to around two hours.”

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