TTS International skids world's sixth largest yacht onto semi-submersible

By Euan Youdale09 March 2012

The superyacht is pulled over 20 skidtracks onto the Mighty Servant 2

The superyacht is pulled over 20 skidtracks onto the Mighty Servant 2

TTS International skidded the world's sixth largest yacht onto a semi-submersible vessel in Abu-Dhabi, UAE. IC reports

Two and a half years after TTS lifted the hull with its partially completed superstructure out of the water and skidded it into the fabrication yard of ADMShipyards, the company placed it back into the water. At 141 meters, the private yacht Yas ranks as the sixth largest superyaght in the world.

Yas's hull was adapted from a UAE Navy frigate and its superstructure is the largest composite object of its kind ever built.

During its fabrication, TTS levelled and weighed the yacht a number of times, and finally placed it onto 20 skidtracks for skidding out onto Dockwise's Mighty Servant 2 semi-submersible delivery vessel.

The yacht was placed on 20 trestles, and supported by 40 jacks of 300 tonne capacity each. The jacks were part of the TTS-designed skidding system. Utilising two 200 tonne strandjacks, the yacht was pulled on 18 points to ensure an evenly distributed pulling force along the width of the hull.

On the first day of pulling, the superyacht was pulled to the edge of the jetty, a distance of 25 m. After repositioning of the skidtracks on the Mighty Servant 2, the Superyacht was loaded out over the side onto the vessel, another pulling distance of 30 m.

All pulling equipment was removed from the Mighty Servant 2, but the vessel remained supported on the 40 jacks, which would be submerged during the float off. The float off was delayed by three days due to high winds. The Mighty Servant 2 shifted into submerging location, 60 m from the jetty, and commenced its submerging operations.

Once the superyacht was afloat, she was pulled back to the jetty utilising shore-based winches and the winches aboard the Mighty Servant 2.

About the Yas superyacht

Yas was styled inside and out by Pierrejean Design in Paris. It can comfortably accommodate up to 60 guests while modern diesel power and variable-pitch propellers assure a top speed of 26 knots, cruising speed of 20 knots, transoceanic range, and green fuel economy.

At the recent launching ceremony, Johan Valentijn, Privinvest executive board member and industrial manager in charge of the project, said, "Our international team of experts, subcontractors, and suppliers has accomplished one of the great challenges in modern yacht building, and set in place a major milestone in shipbuilding technology and art that will be difficult to surpass."

Yas's performance derives from her well-proven, fast and manoeuvrable hull, which was adapted from a UAE Navy frigate. Its superstructure is the largest composite object of its kind ever built. Dual bow and single stern thrusters allow Dynamic Positioning for the crew. For safety and convenience, Yas is equipped with advanced radars, SatCom, long-range underwater Sonar, FLIR and high-definition day cameras, and Night Navigator. The audiovisual entertainment system is the most extensive and sophisticated aboard any yacht.

Yas is the first yacht ever built to meet requirements of the new UAE Large Yacht Code created for private vessels.

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