UK tops European architects market

By Sarah McCay11 August 2014

Business will continue to improve for architects working in the UK and Poland, with growth expected over the next two and a half years, according to the second quarter 2014 European Architectural Barometer report from Arch-Vision.

The Barometer shows that Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium will also see improvement in the coming years while business sentiment remains negative in Italy, Spain and France, according to the architects surveyed.

According to Arch-Vision, the British market keeps on improving. Of the UK architects surveyed, 39% of the companies reported an increase of more than 5% in order book. One of the reasons for this is that the building permits for non-residential buildings have increased again for the last two quarters. Arch-Vision therefore predicts a 4% growth in the UK market in 2014, followed by another 4% growth in 2015 and a 3% growth in 2016.

The European Architectural Barometer is a quarterly international market research survey conducted among 1,600 architects in Europe. The study is conducted in Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Poland by Arch-Vision.

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