Unic mini cranes on Hollywood movie

By Laura Hatton11 February 2013

A pair of URW-295 mini cranes holding aluminium frame

A pair of URW-295 mini cranes holding aluminium frame

A pair of Unic mini spider cranes have assisted in the filming of the Hollywood film Noah.

The Unic URW-295 mini cranes were used to prepare a 5,000 year old cave, the Raufarhólshellir, in Reykjavik, Iceland, for filming. The cranes were hired from Icelandic Unic dealer Smákranar.

One of the 2.9 capacity cranes moved rocks from inside the cave and installed internal steel frames. Both cranes were then used for several lifting tasks, including lifting an aluminium frame and fabric cover above the lava cave’s entrance.

Commenting on the project, Elli Erlingsson, Smákranar managing director, said, “It was a great experience to work on the Noah set and receive such good feedback about the performance of our Unic mini cranes from the production crew. I can’t wait to see the scenes that we worked on when the movie is released in 2014.”

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