WDS 2018 – Meet the judges – Clinton Dick

08 May 2017

127112 clinton ceo award

Clinton Dick is CEO of Australian demolition contractor Liberty Industrial and one of eight members of the international panel of judges for the World Demolition Awards.

In 2016 he was a judge in the Explosive, Industrial, Urban and Collaboration in Demolition categories.

When asked for his view of the demolition industry, Clinton said: “One of the issues facing demolition contractors worldwide at the moment is that client budget constraints are putting more emphasis on contract value rather than technical ability to safely complete projects.

“It’s becoming far too common to hear clients mention that you are the best company with the credentials to complete our work, but you’re just not the cheapest in this case.

“When I judge the awards I look for technical approach in submissions, I want to see innovation.

“I look for clever and safe methodologies to undertake difficult and technical demolition activities.

“We live in an engineering world where more and more companies are getting up to speed on providing holistic solutions to demolition, dismantling projects in extremely difficult environments, which is fantastic to see.

“In many countries throughout the world, the evolution of the demolition team has grown exponentially – they are more educated, more sophisticated and more scientific than ever before.”


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