Wheel loader set to prove versatility on site

By Steve Ducker11 October 2016

Wheel loaders are used where a flexible and reliable machine for material transport is needed, but they must be designed to handle the requirements of confined spaces.

It is with this in mind that Wacker Neuson has introduced the WL28.

Thanks to its compact dimensions and low operating weight, which allow transport on a conventional car trailer, and a headroom of less than 2.3 metres (7 ft 6 in), most buildings are no problem for it. Customers, who opt for a cab with foldable driver canopy (EPS) in the configuration of the wheel loader, can even reduce the clearance even more.

An important aspect in the development of the new Wacker Neuson wheel loader was visibility. On construction sites, busy operation is commonplace, thus a free field of vision in the work area is essential. To ensure this, the height of the front carriage was kept deliberately low on the WL28. Subsequently, the operator has a great view of the attachments at any time, which significantly facilitates their operation and their replacement.

Another important aspect is the stability of the wheel loader. Thanks to a short wheel base and an articulated pendulum joint, the WL28 has high stability with an oscillating angle of 12° and an articulation angle of 44°. A connectible 100% differential lock ensures that the wheel loader has maximum traction even on difficult surfaces.

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