Wind power market worth € 9 billion

15 April 2008

Data from the European Wind Energy Association (EWEA) shows wind turbines with a generating capacity totalling 7,59 GW were constructed in Europe last year. The value of this work was put at € 9 billion – a +23% increase on 2005.

According to the EWEA, installed wind-generated power capacity in Europe now stands at 48 GW, which is equivalent to about 3,3% of the EU's electricity consumption. In terms of new generation capacity added last year, wind power was second only to gas-fired power generation, which saw 8,5 GW added in 2005.

Germany and Spain accounted for 50% of the market in 2006. However EWEA says that despite this dominance, power generation from wind is gaining acceptance outside the traditional ‘first mover' countries. Its figures show that in 2002 just 680 MW of capacity was installed outside the three early adopter countries of Denmark, Germany and Spain. Last year the figure stood at 3,76 GW.

Germany remains the strongest advocate of wind energy, with 2,23 GW of generation capacity installed last year. With a total installed capacity of more than 20 GW, the country is home to some 42% of all of Europe's wind turbines.

Spain was the second largest market in 2006, with 1,59 GW of capacity installed. France was third – up from sixth place in 2005 – with 810 MW.

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