The Doosan DX170W-5

The Doosan DX170W-5

Two new Stage IV-compliant wheeled excavators from Doosan will be on display at Intermat 2015 – the DX170W-5 at 17 tonnes and the DX210W-5 at 21 tonnes.

The company claimed that along with all Doosan Stage IV excavators above 14 tonnes, the machines were factory-installed with the new CoreTMS wireless fleet monitoring system.

Designed specifically for the Doosan range, the CoreTMS system is a new tool providing information about machine performance in a dual mode – satellite and GSM. The software in the CoreTMS system has been upgraded to communicate directly with the EPOS (Electronic Power Optimising System) system on a Doosan excavator, and Doosan claimed it was the only tool of its type capable of providing this level of information, “delivering insightful and cost-saving data about equipment to help customers work more effectively”.

It added that with all Doosan Stage IV machines, a new machine styling scheme was used, describing it as one of “the many design advances, which go well beyond simply meeting Stage IV emission regulations, setting a new benchmark for wheeled excavators worldwide”.

Doosan’s new 24-tonne DX235LCR-5 reduced radius crawler excavator will also be in Paris. It is a Stage IV-compliant replacement for the LC-3 Stage IIIB model, and is said to have new features that boost uptime and increase profitability. It claims a 9% increase in engine power and 5% increase in torque, plus an increase of around 13% in bucket force in both standard and boost modes.

The new Doosan DX235NLC-5 Stage IV compliant crawler excavator offers a narrow width design. The company said that the all-round performance of the DX235NLC-5 had been increased with a 10% increase in engine power and 13% in torque. With lifting capacities that are similar or superior (on average 5%) to the previous machine, the new DX235NLC-5 also provides 10% more traction force and an 8% rise in bucket force.

Diverse applications

With the new DX255LC-5 25 tonne crawler excavator, Doosan said applications were diverse, from clearing land for initial site development, excavating for foundations and trenching for utilities to earthmoving and maintenance work for highway, civil engineering and general construction projects.

While the overall dimensions are very similar to the previous DX255LC-3 model, the DX255LC-5 Stage IV excavator combines greater power with a 500kg increase in operating weight, which Doosan said resulted in increases of up to 17% in lifting capacities over both the front and side.

The new 30 tonne DX300LC-5 Stage IV compliant crawler excavator also claims improved performance compared to the previous LC-3 Stage IIIB model. Bucket, arm and swing forces in the DX300LC-5 remain the same as the Stage IIIB model, but the drawbar pull has been sharply increased by 8%.

Crawler excavators of 36 and 40 tonnes have been added to the range recently. The new DX340LC-5 and DX380LC-5 are powered by Scania DC9 5-cylinder diesel engines, with an output of 237kW of power at 1,800 rpm, providing a 13% and 11% increase in engine power, respectively, and a 4% boost in torque over the LC-3 models.

The new Doosan 40 to 50 tonne DX420LC-5, DX490LC-5 and DX530LC-5 are the company’s largest Stage IV-compliant crawler excavators.


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