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  • One many was killed and three pedestrians were injured when the crane boom fell.

    Crawler crane down in NYC


    The crane that came down on a NYC street was being lowered due to increasingly high winds

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    Proposal to limit age of cranes in New York City


    A proposal has been made for legislation to limit the age of cranes in New York City, USA, to a maximum of 25 years in a bid to increase the safety of crane operations

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    30 arrested in NYC scaffold card fraud


    Top New York City officials recently made 30 arrests after discovering a fraudulent scaffold certification ring. A construction company owner has been charged with possessing 32 fake scaffold certification cards he had made, according to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration. These cards are required to work on scaffolding ...

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    Rigger's licences revoked in NYC


    William Rapetti, the rigger responsible for erecting a tower crane that collapsed in March 2008, has had his tower crane licences revoked in New York, USA

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    Another tower crane collapses in New York


    A tower crane has collapsed in New York City, US.