offshore lifting

  • KNM_Helge_ingstad BEFORE IT WAS raised

    Scaldis lifts submerged frigate


    Belgian offshore marine contractor lifts submerged Norwegian Navy frigate

  • The Barge Master heave compensation system in operation in the North Sea

    Deep waters


    Work in the offshore lifting sector is being carried out in deeper and increasingly remote waters. This asks for a different type and size of offshore equipment. Laura Hatton investigates

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    Smit sales ahead in 2008


    Marine salvage, transport and heavy lift specialist Smit International recorded an "exceptional" 2008 financial year, notably in its heavy lift segment. The division saw revenue increase from €88 million (US$111 million) at the end of 2007 to €156.1 million ($197 million) during 2008. Its operating result stood at €19.5 million ...

  • View of Jumbo Javelin with the suction piles on deck and two STL buoys and anchor chain in the lower

    In with the anchors


    By using a new method of installing submerged turret loading buoys off the US coast, Jumbo demonstrated that transport and installation of such a complex mooring system can be done efficiently and safely using DP2 class heavy lift vessel Jumbo Javelin. IC reports