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  • Petronas complex

    Malaysian chemical plant deal for Fluor


    US-based contractor awarded EPCM contract on US$27 billion project

  • Mammoet moved the tallest and heaviest process column in Malaysia

    Mammoet receives award for lift in Malaysia


    Malaysia-based oil and gas company Petronas has given Mammoet a recognition award for excellence in safety and in timely execution of the work performed by the company

  • The absorber was lifted using a ‘top and tail’ operation

    Malaysian lift for Mammoet


    Global heavy lift and transport service provider Mammoet has lifted a 1,210 tonne absorber in Malaysia

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    Development plan


    Malaysia's Prime Minister, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, has launched a US$ 33.2 billion “economic plan” aimed at boosting growth and reducing poverty in the country's rural east. The East Coast Economic Corridor (ECER) project, drawn up by the national oil company Petronas, is the third and final of a series of ...