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Offshore renters trial 'virtual asset pool' technology
The prospect of rental companies and customers sharing ‘real time’ data on their equipment is now a reality following a successful trial in August involving two oil and gas service companies, Swire Oilfield Services and Aker Solutions.
Patrick Hill reports on rental fleet disposal strategies
Selling used equipment is an essential and everyday part of the equipment rental business. Patrick Hill talks to major rental companies in the UK, Scandinavia, Japan and the US about how they manage the asset disposal process.
Rental starts working on the theft problem
Theft of equipment is a problem wherever you go in the world, but there are now signs of a growing partnership between manufacturers, rental companies and trade associations to combat the problem. Dan Gilkes reports.
Ramirent sponsors 2009 ice hockey world championship
Ramirent will be one of the official sponsors of the 2009 IIHF ice hockey world championship taking place in Switzerland in April-May next year.
Offshore renters trial 'virtual asset pool'
Two offshore rental and service companies have successfully trialed technology that will allow them to track each other’s fleets in real time, creating a kind of ‘virtual asset pool’.
Loxam chooses Qualcomm as its telematics solution
Loxam is fitting Qualcomm’s GlobalTRACS telematics system to its equipment fleet, starting with its heavy equipment division.
New Holland clarifies position on dealer-rentals
New Holland has clarified its position on the development of dealer-led rental operations in Europe. The company said its dealers will be offering rental as part of a package of services in support of their primary sales activity and not as a pure rental service offering such as that provided by Cat Rental Stores.
BM Location's Thierry Robert explains the company's strategy.
Bergerat Monnoyeur Location, the French Cat Rental Store, has started to expand, and not just in France. Murray Pollok met BM's Alain Rosaz and Thierry Robert.
Strength in numbers: marketing techniques of US rental giants
Three of the biggest US rental companies – United Rentals, RSC and Volvo Rents - are using sophisticated customer benchmarking techniques to measure how they are performing. Lucy M Peterson reports.
Kaplan says learn from US rental slowdown
European rental companies should learn from the current slowdown in the US rental market and prepare by diversifying their fleets and customer base, said US rental consultant Dan Kaplan at the ERA’s annual convention.
HSS Hire signs up to erento online rental site
HSS Hire has signed up to the online rental website, erento, the first major UK rental company to do so since erento’s launch in the UK in February this year.
Family name: what does the future hold for Lavendon Group
Lavendon Group now has 21000 aerial platforms and 1400 employees...and over 10 different brands. Murray Pollok reports on the rebranding plans that will see it focus on just four names. Plus, we report on how the business is performing in certain key markets.
Rental news highlights
Summary of rental and equipment news from around the world.
Rental news highlights
Round-up of rental and equipment news from around the world.
Rental news highlights
Rental news highlights from around the world
Samoter rental debate
The recent rental seminar during the Samoter show generated an interesting debate between those who felt that dealer/manufacturer-led rental operations (which are common in Italy) should be encouraged and those who favoured the development of an independent rental sector.
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