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    IRN100 survey - request for data


    Rental companies have until 8 May to submit their data for this year's survey of the world's 100 biggest industry names

  • International Rental News' IRN100 lists the World's top rental companies.

    Extended version of IRN100 survey now available


    A specially extended version of the IRN100 survey is now available from KHL Group.

  • International Rental News' IRN-100 lists the World's top 100 rental companies.

    IRN-100 Survey: The Top 100 Equipment Rental Companies in the World


    The latest IRN-100 list of the world's largest rental companies reveals a dual-speed rental market in 2007, with European firms growing at a considerably faster rate than their US or Japanese counterparts.

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    Full of life


    It is easy to misinterpret, or ‘over-interpret', the results of our IRN Confidence Survey. There is lots of data on these pages - reflecting the opinions of almost 300 rental companies and suppliers around the world - and it would be easy to focus on some of the caution and ...