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  • Sandvik launched two new surface drilling rigs at Bauma China 2014, the Tiger DG700 and Tiger DG800,

    Feature: Drilling


    Drilling equipment can often be on the critical path for construction projects and quarry operations, so reliability and productivity of these machines can also be vital.

  • Sandvik’s new DH350 down-the-hole drill rig is the first rig the company has designed and built at i

    Intelligent drilling


    Increasing fuel efficiency and performance under extreme conditions are central to the latest drill rig designs, regardless of the target market.

  • Atlas Copco’s new T35 and T40 (pictured) drill rigs have the option of a new silencing hood which re

    Drilling: Saving energy and boosting productivity


    The drive for efficient and environmentally friendly machines is presenting a unique set of challenges to the drilling industry.

  • The ROC T15 is Atlas Copco’s latest and smallest hydraulic surface rig. It is designed for small con

    Drilling: better efficiency, lower noise


    Better efficiency is a key aim for any area of construction, but the drilling sector is showing this can be achieved at the same time as better environmental performance - particularly noise reduction. CE reports.