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  • ALE Bridge La Gaznata Viaduct Index

    New bridge by ALE


    Strand jacks make quick bridge lift over a reservoir in Spain

  • Photo 2 skyffolding pendant scaffolding

    Strand jack scaffolding innovation


    Heavy lift specialist Enerpac supplied Kles with strand jacks for innovative tower scaffolding system

  • ALE used a bespoke two-tower gantry in Peru raising a de-ethaniser column on the Malvinas Plant expa

    Two-tower gantry for ALE in Peru


    International transport and lifting company ALE used a bespoke two-tower gantry system to overcome a range of challenges on a petrochemical project in Peru

  • The pinnacle rises out of the structure

    Setting the pinnacle atop Burj Khalifa


    The heavy lift department at VSL positioned a 143 m pinnacle at the top of the world's tallest building, the recently opened Burj Khalifa (formerly known as Burj Dubai) in Dubai, UAE

  • The first H SET system has been sold to Burkhalter in the US and designated B SET for Burkhalter.

    Hydrospex 1,800 tonne tower system launch


    A new tower-type heavy lifting system from Hydrospex makes its debut early in 2009. A typical application will be erecting large vessels on replacement projects in refineries. Alex Dahm talked to Tjerko Jurgens, Hydrospex managing director, at the company's headquarters in the Netherlands