Indeco’s busy weekend in Australia

26 November 2020

The Princes Freeway is the 160 km (100 mile) Australian motorway that connects Melbourne to Geelong in the west and Traralgon in the east of the country.

City Circle web

City Circle has been a client of Indeco since 2016

The Princes Highway-Geelong Road is one of the main routes that connect Melbourne’s western and eastern suburbs and is used daily by commuters, families, public and freight vehicles.

The Duncan Road junction is a key route to and from many suburbs: the bridge, built over 60 years ago, is used by around 11,000 vehicles every day.

To improve traffic flow and road safety, the State of Victoria carried out an upgrade work on the Duncan Road junction, which included:

● the construction of new exit ramps

● the demolition of the old bridge and the construction of the new one with two lanes in both directions

● the addition of two new ramps for traffic to and from Geelong

● the construction of cycle and pedestrian paths and safe crossings on Duncan Road.

To minimise traffic disruption, the old bridge had to be demolished in just one weekend during the summer. The flyover was in fact closed to traffic on the Saturday evening and reopened on Monday morning.

The works were carried out in record time by City Circle Demolition, one of the most important Australian demolition companies, a client of Indeco since 2016.

One HP 5000 and two HP 7000 hammers by Indeco played an important role in the demolition of the Duncan Road bridge and of the safety barriers of the pillars, which were built using high MPA concrete with extra steel reinforcements to withstand the impact of a truck of about 70 t travelling at 100 km/h (62 mph).

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