• Wilbert's WT 2405L-e.tronic luffing jib tower crane lifts 128 tonnes

    Wilbert's 128 tonne capacity luffer


    German manufacturer Wilbert launches a pair of new luffing jib models, including a new range-topper that beats even the already impressively large WT 1905L launched in April 2009

  • Wilbert's new WT1905L e.tronic was launched on 4 April 2009 as Europe's largest climbing luffing jib

    Wilbert's largest luffing jib tower crane


    Further to IC's announcement of 27 April that Wilbert in Germany launched Europe's largest luffing jib climbing tower crane, special correspondent Heinz-Gert Kessel reveals more details of the new crane

  • Wilbert in Germany launched the WT 1905L e.tronic luffing jib tower crane in April as the strongest

    Wilbert launches Europe's largest luffing jib tower crane


    Only three weeks after the official launch of the Wolff 1250B, the title of Europe's strongest luffing jib tower crane passes to Wilbert

  • Wilbert's new production plant in Waldlaubersheim, Germany

    Wilbert unveils new factory


    Tower crane manufacturer Wilbert Turmkrane has officially opened its €20 million (US$30 million) production plant in Waldlaubersheim, Germany. Hundreds of customers and industry professional gathered at the 144,000 square metre factory site for a celebration event