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  • Oxbo turbine pic

    Safe wind turbine construction focus at WCTS


    Dedicated session at November Summit in Amsterdam will consider safety of onshore wind turbine construction

  • New jack-up system for wind turbine erection

    New GustoMSC jack-up for wind turbines


    GustoMSC has developed a self-propelled jack-up system designed to install the next generation of wind turbines offshore

  • Ireland-based Wm. O’Brien Plant Hire's new 800 tonne capacity Terex AC 800

    Terex turbine erector heads to Ireland


    Wm. O'Brien Plant Hire in Ireland has purchased an 800 tonne capacity Terex AC 800 wheeled mobile crane which will mainly be used for erecting wind turbines

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    Wind turbine erection


    Demand for energy worldwide is rising at an unprecedented pace. Oil and other finite resources continue to be the primary fuels for power generation and the raw materials for a vast range of products. Wind turbines, however, are an increasingly popular means of generating energy worldwide. Euan Youdale reports