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  • The official handover of Gerken's WT1000 by Palfinger Platforms took place at Bauma, but the machine

    Gerken's new 102.5 m Wumag takes on first job


    Palfinger Platforms officially handed over a WT 1000, 102.5 m working height Wumag truck mount, to the Gerken Access Platform Rental Company at Bauma in Munich. The huge, new all-terrain access platform, known at Gerken as GL 103, is one of the tallest access platforms in the world and will ...

  • Cathal McNally is a director of McNally's Crane Hire and leads its technical activities.

    Irish heights: McNally's Crane Hire expands into access


    McNally's Crane Hire in Ireland has been renting cranes for years. It will take into its fleet by the end of this year its first aerial work platform - a 103 m working height Wumag Elevant 1000.

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    Havator orders two massive Wumag platforms


    Finland's Havator Group has ordered two of Wumag's massive WT 1000 truck mounted platforms.

  • A scale model of the Wumag WT 1000.

    Wumag WT 1000 receives debut


    The world's largest aerial platform – Wumag's new 103 m WT 1000 working height machine – was scheduled to be at the Europlatform access conference in Basel, Switzerland on 11 September.

  • With a platform height of 100.5 m, the WT 1000 is the tallest access platform in the world.

    Tall order


    German truck mounted manufacturer Wumag Elevant debuted the world's largest aerial work platform, the 102.5 m working height WT 1000, on 7 September. Patrick Hill reports from Krefeld, Germany.