IC50 shows strong increase in top 100 crane companies

By Laura Hatton03 July 2015

Get your company in the IC50

Get your company in the IC50

This year marks the 20th edition of the IC50 ranking of the world’s largest crane-owning companies and a double-digit increase in the overall IC Index

The IC50, now in its 20th year, ranks the biggest crane-owning companies in the world by their IC Index value. This figure is obtained by adding together the maximum load moment rating, in tonne-metres, of all wheeled mobile, crawler and super heavy lift cranes in the fleet.

The upward trend of the crane industry continues this year, with an 11.8 % increase in the total IC50 Index figures for the top 100 companies. Companies have also been restructuring their operations, which have seen a reduction in the number of depots and employees and an overall increase in the number of cranes. The number of wheeled mobile cranes, for example, is up 3.5 % and the number of lattice crawler crane is up 3.6 %.

Mammoet retains its top position with a total IC Index figure of 2,506,496, while remains in second and ALE in third. Elsewhere in the top ten, Maxim Crane Works has moved up two places, as has Sanghvi Movers. New to the top ten this year is Weldex, based in Scotland, UK. Moving out of the top ten this year to 11th position is Al Jaber Heavy Lift, based in the UAE. Austria-based company Prangl has also lost its top ten spot, falling from 9th to 12th place. Moving into the top 50 this year is W.O. Grubb, jumping to 45th place.

Moving out of the top 50 this year include Crane Rental Corporation, Franz Bracht Kran-Vermietung and Gruas Roxu, which are now in 51st 52nd and 53rd place, respectively. New to the IC Index this year is Sinopec Heavy Lifting and Transportation, based in China, which entered the list in at 15th place with an IC Index of 294,575. Bin Quraya, based in Saudi Arabia, is also new this year, entering the table in 112th place with an IC Index of 21,017. Strele Logistics is the other new entry this year, with an IC Index of 11,020, positioning it at 143th place.

A digital copy is available at http://www.khl-infostore.com/ic50-5-year-toplist-2011-2015.

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