Sliding canopy system for Nooteboom Teletrailer

By Christian Shelton18 May 2018

Dutch trailer specialist Nooteboom has developed a sliding canopy system for its Teletrailer extendible flatbed semi-trailer.

The company developed the system in collaboration with Netherlands-based sliding canopy manufacturer Netcap International and Dutch steel supplier Geurts-Janssen, which uses a Teletrailer to transport long steel sections and steel structures.

According to Nooteboom, although canopy constructions for extendible trailers were already available they required the driver to fit separate parts to guide the canopy. The company says the new sliding canopy does not require this. The 21.5m sliding tarp uses double retractable rails and trolleys with double wheels so that the driver just pulls out the trailer as far as required and covers the load by rolling the canopy over it. The bottom is watertight, too, due to a retractable additional floor.

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