Four-axle electric trailer for aerospace company

By Christian Shelton24 May 2018

Aerospace company Europropulsion has bought an EMT 4/4 electric trailer from specialist vehicle manufacturer Cometto for use at its site in French Guiana.

The EMT 4/4 is a four-axle fully-electric self-propelled platform trailer designed for in-plant heavy duty logistics. It has a technical payload of 40 tonnes and is based on Cometto’s standard two-axle EMT series (which has a capacity of 18 tonnes).

The EMT 4/4 has a hydraulic parallel-lifting system, a ‘floating sphere’ support system, a hydraulic centering system, and a collision warning system. According to Cometto, positioning accuracy is to 3mm while an isostatic system (at four points) facilitates handling.

The EMT 4/4 is equipped with three sets of 120 Ah/48V LiFePO4 batteries, an integrated battery management system and an external high frequency three-phase 380v battery charger. The modular vehicle possesses an optical automatic guidance with an infra-red cameras/interpreter for track and tag recognition, said Cometto. It can be controlled by remote control or with a self-driving AGV system.

Wide cushion tyres and hydraulic suspension mean the EMT can be used in both internal and external environments.

EMT 4_4_Europropulsion_Guyana (4)

EMT 4_4_Europropulsion_Guyana (2)

EMT 4_4_Europropulsion_Guyana (3)


EMT 4_4_Europropulsion_Guyana (1)










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