Mammoet increases capacity of its PTC 200 DS

By Christian Shelton27 September 2018

International heavy lift and transportation specialist Mammoet has upgraded the capacity of its 200,000 tonne-metre class PTC 200 DS super heavy lift ring crane.


The PTC 210 DS undergoing test-lifting in the Netherlands before being shipped off to Jamnagar

Mammoet has upgraded the crane to a PTC 210 DS so that it can lift a 2000 tonne structure in one piece rather than in multiple sections. The work will be carried out for Indian oil refinery owner Reliance Industries and will take place at the Jamnagar Refinery in Jamnagar, India – which is currently the largest refinery in the world. This approach is much faster and will help minimise downtime of the refinery during turnaround and maintenance work, Mammoet claimed.

Mammoet has previously worked for Reliance, having been involved in the construction of the Jamnagar Refinery. More recently, Mammoet said it deployed two PTCs at the facility to enhance project efficiency.

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The PTC 210 DS will now be able to lift a 2000 tonne structure in one piece rather than in multiple sections






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