Casella takes control of emissions

21 February 2019

United Kingdom-based dust, noise and vibration monitoring expert Casella has introduced the Guardian2 site boundary monitor, which is designed to help site management remain compliant with emission levels by using remote monitoring and reporting – including monitoring of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Guardian2-Particulate-Noise-WSD-1 2

According to Casella, land pollution can be a major problem in the UK and the remediation of contaminated land sites can prove to be a challenging undertaking. However, effective boundary monitoring solutions can help to mitigate any environmental issues during construction by effective measurement of toxic compound exposure.

Guardian2 is equipped with a photoionisation detector (PID) and measures for VOCs up to 6,000 ppm (parts per million), assessing the emission to any prescribed limits. VOCs are organic chemicals known for their potentially harmful properties that can be emitted from the top soil of polluted land.

The levels need to be assessed and continually monitored to ensure the site is safe for operation, and to safeguard people’s health in the surrounding area.

Apart from being harmful to the environment, VOCs can lead to lasting health implications, but the Guardian2 system produces text or e-mail alerts when limits are exceeded.

Casella said Guardian2 is a small, lightweight solution that is easy to transport and handle. The bespoke ’mHub’ combines data-logging and telemetry capabilities, maximising data integrity and availability.

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