Tower crane foundation and tie design guide

By Christian Shelton21 March 2019

UK-based not-for-profit body Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA) has published a new guide called Tower Crane Foundation and Tie Design (C761).

What’s in the guide?

The guide aims to present best practice based on the experience of a wide cross-section of the industry and bring together important practical and design issues that affect health and safety. The guide is Eurocode compliant and is intended to promote the safe design and construction of foundations for tower cranes through an improved understanding of temporary works design and related health and safety issues.

Who is it for?

The guide’s initial sections are aimed at those who need to understand the issues related to their safe use, such as temporary and permanent works engineers, site managers, site supervisors, geotechnical engineers, architects and planners. It also highlights key situations where a specialist should be consulted. Specific guidance for designers of temporary works involving tower cranes is given. Issues include: the understanding of wind effects; other loading and support considerations; and factors of safety and design of foundations. This also includes calculations for typical situations.

The guide was authored by independent engineering consultant Tim Watson and Stuart Marchand, managing director of specialist temporary works consultancy Wentworth House Partnership. According to Watson, “This latest version of the guidance is an essential reference for all those involved with the planning, procurement, installation and dismantling of tower cranes. In particular the document provides a comprehensive reference for base and tie designers using the Eurocode approach. The guidance which does not, to my knowledge, exist elsewhere, offers in a concise form, a wealth of experience which should be invaluable to young engineers and designers.”

To order a copy of Tower crane foundation and tie design (C761) visit or email CIRIA’s customer service team at:


Tower crane foundation and tie design is available now via CIRIA’s website

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