Hellmich Kranservice buys Tadano all terrain

By Christian Shelton07 June 2019

German crane rental firm Hellmich Kranservice has bought a Tadano ATF 60G-3 all terrain crane. According to Tadano, it is the hundredth Tadano crane Hellmich Kranservice has bought.


From left to right: From Hellmich Kranservice we have crane driver Michael Böhm, fleet technician Michael Franzmann, crane driver David Daduna, and managing director Renè Hellmich; and on the far right is Frank Brachtendorf, area sales manager, Tadano

The three-axle crane has a boom that extends from 9.5 metres to 48 metres and a maximum lifting capacity of 60 tonnes. It is also suitable for applications requiring a ten-tonne axle load due to it having just one engine. This axle load figure includes the crane’s 20 tonne hook block. The crane’s boom has a minimum slewing angle of 21 degrees when fully extended.

Tadano said that these attributes make it a good match for Hellmich Kranservice, which, in addition to general crane rental, carries out work in the chemical and industrial construction sectors where a crane that can operate in spaces with low ceilings was required.

“Now, with a three-axle crane and long main boom, we can reach where we couldn’t before,” said René Hellmich, managing director of Hellmich Kranservice. “This is also a result of the compact design. In addition,  we benefit from the high telescopic lifting capacity - especially in industrial plants.”


The Tadano ATF 60G-3 has an axle load of ten tonnes
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