New electric range from Instant Upright

By Leila Steed08 July 2019

Instant UpRight's new MX1430 self-propelled electric mini scissor lift

Instant UpRight’s new MX1430 self-propelled electric mini scissor lift

Instant UpRight has launched a range of low level electric-powered access platforms for the European and Asian markets.

The initial range of five electric models consists of the 6m MX1330 pusharound scissor lift, and the 6.4m MX1430 and 7.8m MX1930 electric scissor lifts.

The 10m X2632 electric lift rounds out Instant UpRight’s new scissor lift offering, and the 12m ML3330 pusharound mast lift completes the initial platform range.

Joe Oxley, Instant UpRight group managing director, said, “It is an exciting time at Instant UpRight as we diversify our product line. Initial interest in the new machine range has been high and we have already delivered the first few units which are out working and showing great results.

“The company is no stranger to the AWP market and there is still a strong brand awareness present - the return of Instant UpRight blue machines presents us with an exciting challenge which is welcomed by the whole IU team.”

Instant UpRight's 12m ML3330 push-around mast lift

Instant UpRight’s 12m ML3330 push-around mast lift

Produced in conjunction with a Chinese manufacturing partner, Instant UpRight said it would evaluate and redesign the models as required to suit market demand, adding its own mark to a brand name that is still held dear by many in the industry.

Instant UpRight said the MX1430, MX1930 and X2632 all feature direct electric drive motors and components with good commonality for easy parts ordering. All the products in the new range carry a two-year year warranty as standard.

The new range will be supplied from Instant UpRight’s recently opened European warehouse and distribution hub in Venlo, Netherlands.

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