Top 10 transport companies 2019

27 August 2019


International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine has published its 2019 world ranking of the world’s largest specialized transport equipment fleets.

This year’s Transport 50 (T50) showed a total fleet capacity of 1,912,391 tonnes, with the combined carrying capacity of all the T50 companies up a healthy 7% on 2018’s total of 1,785,805 tonnes.

Calculated using the total carrying capacity in metric tonnes of all specialized transport equipment in a company’s fleet, the analysis of the complete ICT50 index reveals industry trends and provides an insight into employment, operations and fleet management over the last year.

Now, while Mammoet’s recent acquisition of ALE is likely to have a significant impact on the specialized transport industry - and on next year’s ICT50 - let’s take a look at how the world’s top 10 largest transport companies lined up in 2019…

Top 10 transport companies 2019


10. Barnhart Crane & Rigging


Barnhart has a fleet carrying capacity of 55,880 tonnes

Founded in Tennessee, USA, this family-run business has 371 tractor units, more than 40 depots across North America and offers everything from operated crane rental to cargo logistics. Boasting transport capacities of 29,574 tonnes from its modular transport and dollies and 26,306 tonnes from its specialized trailers, Barnhart has a total lift capacity of 55,880 tonnes. Ranking at number 10 this year, Barnhart has slipped two places on the T50 Index from number eight in 2018.

9. Bennett Motor Express

The first non-mover on this year’s T50 is USA-based company Bennett Motor Express. Established more than 40 years ago, Bennett now has a modular trailer fleet with a capacity of 4,260 tonnes and a specialized trailer fleet able to carry up 52,300 tonnes. With a total T50 index of 56,560 tonnes and more than 1,100 tractor units, the company operates on an international level.

8. ATS Specialized

ATS Specialized has slipped one place to number eight on the ICT50. The company, which has been run by the Anderson family for three generations, runs its operations without a modular trailer fleet. Instead the company’s 59,518 tonne T50 Index comes entirely from its fleet of specialized trailers.

7. Daseke

Daseke logo 1

Making a huge leap into the top 10, specialized transport and logistics company Daseke has a total fleet carrying capacity of 61,801 tonnes. At more than 18,000 tonnes higher than its 2018 T50 Index, Daseke moves up five positions from number 12 to number seven.Premium Content full info button

6.All Erection & Crane Rental

One of North America’s largest privately-owned heavy transport enterprises, All Erection & Crane Rental has 37 branches across the USA and Canada. With a T50 index of 78,490 tonnes, its 58,240 tonne modular trailer fleet and 20,250 tonne specialized trailer fleet, operate with 450 tractor units as part of the All Family group.


This year sees Landstar retain its number five position on the T50 with a total fleet capacity of 101,485 tonnes, an increase of just under 400 tonnes over last year’s table. With more than 10,500 tractor units, Landstar has the biggest tractor fleet of all the companies on the ICT50 index.


Fagioli transporting a hydrocracking reactor

Fagioli transporting a hydrocracking reactor

With more than 30,000 tonnes separating the top three from the rest of the top 10, Fagioli’s fourth place T50 index of 109,240 tonnes marks a key point on the T50 top 10. With a 2,000 tonne increase to its modular trailer fleet and six new tractor units, the company has had another year of stable fleet growth. In keeping with the company’s success, Fagioli CEO Fabio Belli will give the keynote speech at this year’s World Crane and Transport Summit in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in November.


A T50 index of 142,654 tonnes puts Sarens at number three again this year, despite a fleet shakeup that reduced its total carrying capacity by almost 20,000 tonnes. The Belgian company’s specialized trailer fleet had a carrying capacity of 23,902 tonnes in 2018, but this year T50 index saw it reduced to 10,060 tonnes, which appears to indicate significant changes in the company’s management and in the industry.

2. ALE

Having increased its fleet’s carry capacity by more than 10,000 tonnes in the last year, ALE retains second place on this year’s list. Despite having half the number of staff and depots compared to its first and second place competitors, the British company’s 177 tractors units still manage to pull ALE’s 2019 T50 index of 221,353 tonnes.

1. Mammoet

Since the ICT50 Index began more than 15 years ago Mammoet has been number one every year, except for once in 2017 when ALE took the top spot. This year the company’s T50 index was calculated at 229,360 tonnes and with Mammoet now having completed its acquisition of ALE, the possible merging the two businesses could see Mammoet’s ICT50 Index rise to more than 300,000 tonnes above its nearest competitor in 2020. 

To gain more insight into this year’s industry trends, download the full ICT50 list and analysis in the August issue of International Cranes and Specialized Transport.

Mammoet moving a fully assembled 590 tonne Cat 797 haul truck to a mine site in Alberta, Canada

Mammoet moving a fully assembled 590 tonne Cat 797 haul truck to a mine site in Alberta, Canada

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