Super cranes for sale

13 November 2019

Bigge AFRD super crane

Bigge’s AFRD cranes have a capacity of 4,000 tonnes

The two Bigge 125D A-Frame Ring Derrick (AFRD) super heavy lift cranes are up for sale.

San Francisco Bay, USA-headquartered crane rental and sales company Bigge Crane and Rigging Company first put the cranes to work in 2011.

Bigge designed and built them in-house with modular construction heavy lift work in mind. Target applications include nuclear power development, oil platform fabrication and decommissioning, and marine construction. The cranes are now on the market having completed projects at nuclear power plants in the USA.

The AFRDs have a capacity of 4,000 tonnes with 560 feet (171 metres) of main boom. The cranes rotate on a 280 foot (85 metre) diameter track ring. Their hook coverage area is 28 acres (11 hectares). The AFRD has a load moment rating of 125,000 tonne-metres.

According to Bigge, the AFRD has simplified many jobsite logistical problems by allowing for the elimination or consolidation of site heavy transport requirements through its large working range coverage and lift capacity.

“We are excited to bring this piece of equipment back on the market,” said Thom Bostrom, senior vice president at Bigge. “It has successfully executed numerous critical lifts over 1,400 tonnes at unprecedented reaches. The AFRD performs like nothing else and has the ability to replace the use of additional heavy lift equipment on an entire project site.”

The full load chart for the cranes is available from

Drawing of the blue painted 1,900 US ton capacity hook block for the Bigge AFRD with a person alongside for scale

Grand scale: the 1,900 US ton capacity hook block for the Bigge 125D AFRD super heavy lift crane

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