Sarens Transports Enormous C3 Splitter for Gas-Chemical Complex in Kazakhstan

20 January 2020


When clients worldwide need specialised transport solutions, they turn to Sarens. That’s exactly what KPI did when they wanted to move a 1050-tonne, 105,3-metre C3 splitter for a new gas-chemical complex in Kazakhstan. Sarens transported the splitter from Atyrau to KPI Karbattan at the end of November 2019.

To understand the magnitude of this transport operation, watch the Sarens #howwedoit video: the splitter is as long as about 20 average-sized cars, making sharp turns a true challenge!

Nonetheless, the 20-strong Sarens team successfully and expertly manoeuvred the splitter along 47 kilometres of road. The crew expertly navigated power lines, traffic lights, poles, road signs, and gantry gates—as well as the traffic! Highways along the route also had to be partially blocked for safe traffic flow and to make way for the 64 axle lines of SPMT, which moved at 3,5 kilometres per hour.

Sarens’ expert crew and careful attention to detail are the reasons this operation was a success, and the Group looks forward to more great opportunities in this region.

“Our Kazakhstan team is really delighted about the new region and keen to work more to be successful,” says Arun Mathew, Regional Director, Central Asia.

Sarens commends everyone involved in this project on a job well done! The dedicated teams behind each of these challenging operations are the reason Sarens is a global leader in heavy lifting and specialised transportation today.

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