Nationwide MEWP lockdown advice

02 April 2020

UK-based Nationwide Platforms is advising its MEWP operators how to shut down and islolate their equipment, if projects they are working on are stopped due to spread of COVD-19.

Nationwide Platforms

The rental company said in statement, “As the COVID-19 crisis continues, we are entering into a difficult period as many of our customer projects are now on hold for the next few weeks.

“If you are affected by any project suspensions it may be necessary for you to leave equipment on site for a prolonged period. If the machine is not completely and fully isolated the battery could run flat causing delays when the unit is next needed.”

To support this, Nationwide has put together guidance for correctly shutting down and isolating machine, along with its SkySentry management system activate and immobilisation procedure.

The company added, “Even if you don’t require it right now, please save these documents for future reference. For customers who are still operating, Nationwide Platforms will continue to support you. We wish you and your colleagues the very best of health.”



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