Airo updates for ‘new normal’

By Euan Youdale04 May 2020

Airo has adapted to the ‘new normal’, following the Covid-19 outbreak, by launching a new website and redesigning its technical information to make it more accessible to customers remotely. The Italian access equipment manufacturer also promises new products adapted to the modern era. The initiatives follow the reopening of its production plant at the beginning of this month.


The website has been completely overhauled in its design and content with new features, including information on eight product lines with over 60 different models; along with information about the sales and after-sales service network, access to manuals and catalogues and the ability to order spare parts 24 hours a day.

Commercial brochures and technical documentation have also been written to make it more appealing to read. “At the same time, it was necessary to prepare and adapt the work environments to the new safety standards to protect our employees in order to reopen the activity already in May and without suffering further delays.” Service has, in fact, been kept open throughout the lockdown via telephone communication and directly, particularly for essential services.

The company added, “Like everyone, we too are preparing for the so-called ‘new normality’ which will probably remain with us for some time. In the coming months we will change our communication strategy. To ensure that we can meet the challenge and be ready to serve our customers in the best possible way, we are investing both in the enhancement of the aftersales service and in the development of new products.”

These new products will incorporate more modern technologies to ensure its lifts a more effective both in the workplace, including for maintenance.


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