Kiloutou expands module offering for Covid-19

By Thomas Allen16 June 2020

Kiloutou’s modular building division Kiloutou Module has expanded its offering for construction site health and safety, including a disinfection service, to help companies bring modular installations up to standard.

Capture 2

Kiloutou Module is offering a spray system for disinfecting modular spaces

As the construction industry begins to recover from the effects of Covid-19 and gradually returns to business, construction sites are having to adhere to new health and safety requirements.

For instance, according to recommendations from OPPBTP (the French Professional Building and Public Works Prevention Organisation), an indoor space must be disinfected if it has been less than five days since it was last occupied, and shared dining spaces must be cleaned between each meal round.

The new units offered by Kiloutou Module include a hygiene and temperature detection module for secure access to sites. With the module placed at the entrance to a jobsite, each person’s body temperature is measured and their hands are automatically applied with hydroalcoholic gel. Only once this process is complete will the access door unlock.

In the event that a person’s body temperature is excessive, they will automatically be put in contact with the site manager via videophone.

Another new unit is the autonomous hand-washing module. It has four sides to it, each equipped with a sink, a mirror, a liquid soap dispenser and a towel dispenser. The module has two tanks – for clean and dirty water – each with a capacity of 500 liters, and the sinks have a swan neck with a medical lever.

Capture 1

This hand-washing module can be connected to a jobsite’s water network

Kiloutou Module is also offering a hand-washing module that can be connected to a jobsite’s water network. In compliance with guidelines, each sink in the module is spaced 1m apart. The module has three contactless taps, liquid soap dispensers, mirrors and towel dispensers.

The company is also providing secure site entry and exterior access modules that make it possible to remotely manage access to a jobsite. Workers’ badges are tracked via a radio link or internet cable, and the modules come equipped with a non-return blocking system to prevent fraud. The modules can be installed using a forklift truck.

In addition to these units, Kiloutou Module is offering a disinfection system that is capable of disinfecting a 15m² modular space within 2 minutes.

The 1.5kW unit, which has a capacity of 15 litres, generates a fine mist with droplets less than one micron in size, capable of trapping viruses. In addition to disinfecting surfaces, it prevents the re-suspension of volatile agents, including Covid-19. This system was said to minimise expenditure on disinfectant while also saving time and avoiding the excessive wetting of objects.

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