Sarens Weighs and Moves Complex Modules in Malaysia

11 August 2020

75557_Pluto project Malysia

Sarens has been a reference in the transport and load-out of complex modules in Malaysia for over a decade. When Technip FMC had to handle a 1729T module they trusted the best in the industry. Sarens was commissioned to weigh and transport the complex module at the Pluto Water Handling Unit in MMHE Pasir Gudang, Malaysia.

The project was executed this past May when Malaysia was under complete lockdown. To perform the operation the team decided to deploy:

  • 4 set modular beams measuring 18m
  • 24-axles Kamag K2400 GenS x 3 Set (72 axles)
  • Digicells 600T - 12 pieces

The equipment was taken to the site by 12 trailers and took three days to install. The Pluto Water Handling Unit (PWHU) module measuring 20.8m in height and weighing 1729T was first weighed and then transported from the mega workshop to the fabrication area by our crew of eight.

According to Project Engineer, Afendy, “Arranging the equipment, moving them to site was challenging during full lockdown in Malaysia due to Covid-19. Heavy rainfall added to the challenge during transportation but our team safely executed the project following all safety measures and social distancing.”

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