Steelwrist and Rototilt launch Open-S quick coupler standard

01 October 2020

Two Sweden-based equipment manufacturers have combined to launch Open-S, a standard for fully automatic quick couplers for excavators.

Open-S_mark_black web

The Open-S standard builds on the S Standard that already exists for quick coupler

Quick coupler supplier Steelwrist and tiltrotator specialist Rototilt said that with the new standard, machine operators can combine tools from different manufacturers who comply with the standard and be confident that they will be compatible with each other.

“Open standards make everyday life easier, whether it’s plugs for electrical sockets, computer connectors or excavator quick couplers,” said Steelwrist CEO Stefan Stockhaus.

“Open-S also builds on the independent and established S Standard that already exists for quick couplers.”

Anders Jonsson, Stefan’s counterpart at Rototilt Group, added: “We believe in healthy competition, where the industry’s players compete to have the best products.

“We don’t want to lock customers into a closed interface. When customers buy a tiltrotator from Rototilt, they should feel confident that any hydraulic tool that complies with the Open-S standard will fit the tiltrotator.”

Stefan Stockhaus_Steelwrist web

Steelwrist CEO Stefan Stockhaus said open standards make everyday life easier

The standard is based on three pillars: freedom for end-customers to choose the preferred equipment with reliable safety solutions and the benefit continued technological development.

Open-S is owned and managed by Open-S Alliance, which in turn is led by a council of engineers from both original member companies. The alliance expects that the first additional members could be part of the alliance by the spring of 2021.


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