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Training day: OSHA advocates formalized telescopic forklift training
Does the telescopic forklift training need a formalized training course? The industry says “absolutely” and OSHA requires it. John Wyatt reports
T time: is the time right for trailer-mounted aerials?
Available for considerably less cost than self-propelled aerial platforms, manufacturers say their trailer-mounted aerials provide a great bang for the buck. John Wyatt reports.
Plenty for all: Murray Pollok previews the ARA Show
The second of next year's shows to take place in Las Vegas, the ARA is the premiere event for the lift and handler market. Murray Pollok reports
Written in concrete: the US's World of Concrete
Next year's World of Concrete will be the first of three important industry events held in Las Vegas early in 2008. ALH reports.
Load it up: Canada's Load Lifter profiled
Canada's Load Lifter is best known for its rough terrain, vertical mast forklifts. But now, the company is expanding its range of forward reach telehandlers and has its eyes on growing its US sales. John Wyatt reports from Toronto.
The big three: New Holland's M427, M428 and M459
At this year's World of Concrete, New Holland showcased the first of three in its new telehandler line. The M-Series have been now available in North America since the summer. The M427, M428 and M459 Series models are “European-style,” low boom profile machines built in Italy.
The fundamentals of safety
Safety and Training Director with Mastclimbers in Atlanta, Kevin O'Shea highlights some of the important fundamentals to remember when you want to use mast climbing work platforms.
A tale of two segments
The US construction market has truly been bipolar. The housing market has been in recession for two years, while the nonresidential segment has enjoyed robust growth, says Scott Hazelton of Global Insight.
NCC to buy Finnish asphalt company
NCC has announced plans to fully acquire asphalt and road building company Valtatie Oy. It currently owns 50% of the company in partnership with Colas.
Sentiment softens
January saw a month-on-month downturn in European construction activity. But although current activity levels are falling, the industry is up beat about the future. Chris Sleight reports.
Review of 2007
The stock markets had more ups and downs than usual in 2007, with record highs being followed by the fall-out from the credit crunch. There were some gains to be had, but it was still the most difficult year since 2002. Chris Sleight reports.
Off the record?
The term ‘without prejudice' is often used by parties to a dispute that want to communicate ‘off the record'. Neal Morris of Pinsent Masons looks at the legal tests that apply in this area.
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