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Question of the month April 2010
CE Barometer respondents say the credit market is easing, but more than half say it is still more difficult than a year ago.
CE Barometer April 2010: Recession over
The results of April’s CE Barometer survey show the European construction recession is over
CE Barometer March 2010: Boom times again?
An up-swing in month-on-month activity has moved the CE Barometer to its most positive results since 2007.
Question of the month February 2010
Civil engineering still looks like the strongest construciton sector in Europe.
CE Barometer February 2010: Positive improvement
European construction activity bounced back in February after a seasonal slowdown in January and sentiment about the future stayed strong.
Question of the month January 2010
More than half of the respondents to our January survey plan to go to Bauma.
CE Barometer January 2010: Winter slowdown
Construction activity in Europe fell off in the first month of the year as part of the normal seasonal slowdown, but otherwise sentiment stayed strong.
CE Barometer December 2009: Positive surge
Optimism about future prospects for the Euorpean construction industry soared in December.
Question of the Month November 2009
What are European construciton companies' recruitment policies at the moment?
CE Barometer November 2009: Seasonal slowdown
Sentiment on the European construction industry softened in November but stayed in positive territory.
Question of the month October 2009
In October, CE asked respondents whether they were starting to see competition in Europe from Chinese companies.
CE Barometer October 2009: Rebound remains
October saw confidence in the European construction industry strengthen again, building on the seasonal up-tick seen in September.
Question of the Month September 2009
When will the Europeean construction sector return to growth
CE Barometer September 2009: Rebound strengthens
After a flat summer, September saw a marked up-tick in sentiment in the European construction sector.
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