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Doosan’s automated solutions
Full range of automated solutions, named Concept X, demonstrated by original equipment manufacturer
Robotic ‘dog’ unleashed for construction industry
Makers of robotic dog announce collaboration with several firms with a view to increasing its use in construction industry
New company to help construction go digital
Bentley and Topcon have launched a new joint venture to help construction contractors with digital automation integration
AI tech to combat bridge and tunnel collapse
AI system developed by start-up company Dynamic Infrastructure creates visual ‘medical record’ for infrastructure assets
Crane technology: Technology at the top
Cranes may be based on the same 2000 year old principles, but technology has certainly evolved
Outdoor augmented reality solution
Trimble’s SiteVision allows users to access models from all stages of the lifecycle of infrastructure and buildings
Fleet management: Doing away with paper
By going digital, rental firms can streamline processes to the benefit of themselves and their customers. Thomas Allen reports
Development of 3D printing continues
Timescale for 3D printed building down from two months to three days
Steer launches remote control tech
Norwegian technology company introduces new cloud-based system for construction equipment
Major development for screening equipment
The Flex-Mat Sensor promises more data in a simple and accessible format
Steer launches remote control equipment tech
Start-up company says cloud-based remote control technology can increase production to a full 24-hour shift
Construction research and development: Tomorrow’s world
How research and development teams across the construction industry work has changed recently, as has the projects that they are tasked with
EquipmentShare on telematics and IoT at ALH conference
Willy Schlacks will discuss telematics, IoT technology and predictive maintenance in San Diego
Ten ‘smartest’ construction start-ups unveiled
Strong technology focus among ten smartest start-ups
Technology update: New tech for the crane sector
From autonomous cranes to brain-computer interfaces, Christian Shelton looks at the cutting-edge of construction technology
Volvo on new technology at Diesel Progress Summit
Ray Gallant will discuss the convergence of new technologies in connectivity, electromobility and automation
Drones: How UAVs are changing the construction industry
Unmanned aerial vehicles are widely used in construction, but could this technology become disruptive?
SMIE expands autonomous crane trials
Tower crane operated from simulator 300 km away
Europe the leader in robot tech
Construction companies in Europe lead the world with an average 1.2 robots per 10,000 workers
Compact loaders: New technology front and centre
Compact loaders are seeing technological changes which are making them easier and safer to operate
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