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Underwater demolition: Hand-held tools and wet suits
Clearing and uncovering the river running through the Danish city of Aarhus created a problem for one Danish contractor, who faced the challenge of removing underwater foundations. Hand-held tools and wet suits were the solution
End of the show
Three Italiian contractors have joined forces to carry out the complex demolition work at Milan’s Fiera Milano exhibition centre. D&Ri reports
Historic car factory to go?
The production block of an historic Edinburgh, UK, car factory may be demolished as part of the £1 billion (US$2 billion) redevelopment of part of the city’s waterfront.
RCA stadium's date with explosives
The RCA stadium in Indianapolis, USA, now has a date with explosive demolition. It will be partially demolished by a controlled implosion in October. With a height of 135 ft (38.1 m), the contractors involved consider that it is to high to easily demolish the upper part of the structure using other demolition measures. As a result, the upper seating section of the stadium will be imploded.
Japanese demolition plans
Tweny four apartment blocks across Japan have been scheduled by the Japanese Urban Renaissance Agency (UR) for demolition because they fail to meet that country’s earthquake resistance requirements, according to news reports.
Cuddy wins bus contract
Cuddy Group is shortly to start work to demolish Cardiff’s main bus terminal in a contract worth £450,000 (US$890,000).
Hospital job for General
Buildings at the North Middlesex University Hospital are being brought down while treatment for patients continues on the site
End of an era
A mix of Sandvik demolition attachments is being used on the demolition of the remains of the US airbase at Rhein-Main, Germany
The end for Madrid's Edificio España
Spanish contractor Detecsa is currently working on the demolition of the Edificio Espana, one of Madrid’s most notable buildings, using largely manual methods. D&Ri reports on the job
Connell demolishes Manchester university building
UK contractor Connell Brothers Ltd brought down a university accommodation block in Manchester. D&Ri reports on the demolition of Loxford Tower
Leeds Broad Gate development
The 28,000 square metre (300,000 square foot) Broad Gate development will next year become Leed’s latest mixed retail and office complex.
Brokk 150C
Tailormade for helping to gut the Leed’s department store, the modified £43,000 (US$ 84,022) Brokk 150C robotic machine offers a lightweight, yet powerful and fume free, solution to the project’s demanding restraints.
Gnat-modified Brokk at work in Leeds
A hybrid Brokk robot, designed to overcome onerous weight and reach demands, is helping to convert a large Leeds, UK, department store into an upmarket shopping complex. David Hayward reports
Bridge to the future
For the last 46 years, a 14 tonne, 20 m (66 ft) long and 5 m (16.5 ft) wide footbridge has been used to provide access from one side of the UK’s National Physical Laboratory site to the other.
Another Katrina victim brought low
Damaged by the winds and storm surge of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005, the 11-storey Armed Forces Retirement Home building In Gulfport, Mississippi, was brought down by explosives specialist Dykon Enterprises on behalf of main demolition contractor CST Environmental. D&Ri reports on the blowdown
A legacy of war: rebuilding Lebanon's infrastructure
Lebanon's infrastructure was one of the targets in the crosshairs of Israel's military during its incursion into that country in 2006. This has left war-damaged structures requiring repair or removal and replacement. US contractor Controlled Demolition Inc was bought in to clear the way for the reopening on one of Lebanon's major transport routes. D&Ri reports
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