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AT Special Transport chooses Faymonville
Finland-based specialized transport company AT Special Transport has taken delivery of several Faymonville products for its specialized transport operations
Doll wins trailer contract for Algeria
German trailer manufacturer Doll has secured the contract for the production of vehicles destined for the Algerian state enterprise ENGOA (Entreprise nationale des grands ouvrages d’art)
New HighwayMax for USA
European transport equipment manufacturer Faymonville said it has made several deliveries of its HighwayMax trailer to USA-based transport companies
Tilt Trailer series from Talbert
USA-based specialized heavy-haul trailer manufacturer Talbert Manufacturing has launched a new Air Ramp and Air Tilt Series of trailers
Maiden voyage for Panther trailer
German transport company Bauer Spezialtiefbau has used its new 8-axle Doll Panther semi low-loader trailer for the first time
Max trailer on the move
Specialized transport equipment manufacturer Max Trailer in Luxembourg has celebrated construction of the 1,000th unit of its Max Trailer
Transport project: Manoeuvres to the mill
Somerscales Heavy Haulage negotiated the quirks of minor roads and small villages to deliver some large cement plant components to a remote site in the UK. David Weston reports
Desert transport for ALE
Heavy lift and specialized transport company ALE completed the second stage of a transport project across the Mangystau desert in Kazakhstan
Nooteboom launches Manoovr trailer series
Low deck height and 12 tonne axle load throughout Europe are key features of Nooteboom's new Manoovr series semi-low loader trailers
Moving rings for Van der Vlist
Transport company Van der Vlist, headquartered in the Netherlands, helped move two large industrial metal rings across from Germany into the UK
Nicolas in Royal Transport
Transport company, Royal Transport, based in Straume, Norway, transported pumping station components in the town of Bergen
New trailers from Nooteboom
Trailer manufacturer Nooteboom has extended its range of Multi-PX modular semi low-loader trailers on pendulum axles
Low bed loader trailers new from Tii Group
Scheuerle and Nicolas have launched a new range of trailers equipped with pneumatic or hydraulic suspension, called Euroflex and Eurolight
Talbert updates Travelling Axle trailers
USA-based heavy vehicle manufacturer Talbert Manufacturing has updated its Travelling Axle (TA) Series by increasing its hauling capacity by 5 US tons (4.5 tonnes)
New highway trailer from Scheuerle
The TII Group has added a new trailer to its Scheuerle highway trailer series
Romanian road trip for Van der Vlist
Transport specialist Van der Vlist helped with the transportation of a Komatsu WA800 from Norway to a copper mine in western Romania
HighwayMax new from Faymonville
Specialized transport equipment manufacturer Faymonville is offering a new double-extendable trailer concept called the HighwayMax
New trailer from Zwaar Transport Twente
Zwaar Transport Twente, VSE and Recker, have developed a new 2-axle narrow bed low loader trailer to transport large, heavy agricultural and other machinery
KWS Infra adds Nooteboom trailers
KWS Infra has put its first 4-axle Nooteboom MCOS-58-04(EB) hydraulically steered semi low-loader trailer to work in the Netherlands
Factory build for Van der Vlist
Transport company Van der Vlist helped transport five large piling rigs for the construction of a Volkswagen factory in Poland
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