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8-axle Panther transports 85 tonne column
A Doll Panther trailer with 6 + 2 axles, which was presented at the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2012, has transported a boiler support structure column from Darmstadt in Germany
Nurminen special trailer for giant bull
A giant sculpture of a bull made from scrap car parts is being transported to England on a special trailer by Nurminen Logistics
China's THI looks global with SPMT
Wuhan Tianjie Heavy Industries (THI), based in China, has launched a new self-propelled modular transporter (SPMT) aimed at the global market
Nurminen takes minesweeper to sea
A decommissioned minesweeper was transported across Finland by Nurminen Logistics using a 680 hp four-axle MAN tractor and 10-axle Goldhofer modular trailer
Rogers introduces jack paddle
A new jack paddle is available from Rogers Trailers in the USA for its gooseneck trailers
Landoll launches heavy haul lowboys
A new range of heavy haul detachable lowboy trailers has been announced by Landoll in the USA
Ter Linden orders Broshuis
Wind turbine transport specialist Ter Linden Doetinchem, has ordered trailers for 100 tonne loads from Broshuis in the Netherlands
TransWorld launches VHH system
Las Vegas, USA-based TransWorld Manufacturing Company has completed the manufacture and prototype testing of a platform version of its Legal Width Hydrogas Hauling System, known as the VHH System
Talbert trailer damping system
The Equalizer is a new damping system for spread axle trailers from Talbert Manufacturing in the USA
Felbermayr chooses Nooteboom for turbine transport
Austria-based transport and lifting company Felbermayr, from Wels, has expanded its fleet of equipment for transporting wind turbines
New Nooteboom ballast trailer
Dutch specialized trailer manufacturer Nooteboom has launched a 7 by 2.75 m ballast semi-trailer
Felbermayr makes first use of an SPMT on public roads in Austria
Felbermayr transported a new 221 tonne voltage transformer on a 90 km journey in Austria. It was the first time an SPMT had been used on public roads in the country
New Goldhofer semi-trailer exceeds 100 tonnes
Specialized transport equipment manufacturer Goldhofer will launch its ten-axle STZ-H10 beam-axle semi-trailer in September.
Schwandner opts for Goldhofer
Germany-based specialized transport rental company Schwandner Group has ordered 68 THP/SL heavy-duty axle lines from Goldhofer
Goldhofer launches Mega PST
German manufacturer Goldhofer is shaking up the market for self propelled modular transporters (SPMT) with the introduction of the PST/ES-E, writes Gino Koster
New Rogers trailer
The newest addition to the Rogers line of flat bed trailers is the 40 US ton (35.7 metric tonne) capacity oil field float
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