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Protecting dewatering and slurry pumps' seals is key, Steve Skinner reports.
Slurry and dewatering pumps are perhaps the unsung heroes of the construction site. Steve Skinner reports on the technology being adopted and the challenges being faced by a sector in which reliability is key.
Patrick Hill reports on the latest pumps and rental applications around the world.
Pumps have come a long way from simple devices thrown into a hole to remove water -- and so has their rental. Patrick Hill looks at new products, as well as at how rental companies are exploiting market opportunities.
Pumpex in Jeddah
Pumpex pumps are working at a site in Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia as part of a project to construct a new sewage system.
Challenging environment
Range of pumps tackle long-term tunnel project
Pumps: efficiency, reliability and performance remain key concerns
Improving pump efficiency and reliability while maintaining performance remains key for global pump manufacturers to remain competitive. Becca Wilkins reports on the latest developments and models in the sector.
Pumps: Raising expectations in Europe
With strong sales in 2007 coupled to high expectations for 2008 and beyond, pump manufacturers are in confident mood, while new pumps are designed to be more productive and allow easier service and maintenance. Richard High reports.
Pumping efficiency
Tsurumi has launched a new range of contractor pumps incorporating electrode water sensors to automatically stop pump running dry for prolonged periods, and thereby significantly reduce energy consumption.
Grindex additions
Like ITT Flygt and PXPUmps, Sweden's Grindex has added a stainless steel drainage and sludge pumps to its range.
New Varisco pump
The Duo Energybank is a new 6 inch (150 mm) pump from Italian manufacturer Varisco.
Towerlight pump duo
Towerlight has launched its Liquidator 6 super-silenced pump and the latest version of its DD75 diaphragm pump.
High lift pumping
Godwin Pumps of America used April's Bauma to showcase additions to its HL series of pumps for high lift applications such as mine and quarry dewatering and pumping through nozzles or long pipelines.
Anti-corrosion pump from ITT
ITT Flygt has a range of stainless steel pumps for applications in corrosive and mildly abraslve conditions to its range of submersible pumps.
Stainless steel at PXPumps
PXPumps says its entire range of submersible wastewater pumps-from the smallest PX1 to the largest PX4 -can now be supplied in grade AISI316 stainless steel.
Gorman-Rupp invests in Europe
US pump manufacturer Gorman-Rupp acquired in April a controlling interest in Wavo Pompen BV, a Netherlands pump manufacturer with facilities in Leeuwarden and Culemborg.
Speedy response to UK floods
Unseasonably wet weather in the North and Southwest of the UK in June and July have proved a boon for Speedy Pumps, the pumps division of rental companySpeedy Hire.
New Wacker submersible
This PS2 400 submersible pump is one of a range of four single-phase submersible pumps from Wacker Group in Germany.
Big movers for the USA
Available in North America, Multiquip's recently-launched InstaPrime pumps are designed for moving large quantities of water in a wide range of applications, including dewatering, sludge, sewer-by-pass and well-point projects.
Pumpex expands SP sludge pumps
Pumpex, the Swedish pump company owned by the Cardo Group, has expanded its SP range of submersible sludge pumps with the introduction of the SP10, SP10W and SP14. The pumps are heavy-duty design suitable for applications in quarries, construction sites and other demanding applications.
Pump economies
Netherlands pumps manufacturer and distributor BBA has cooperated with Hatz to create a range of low-maintenance, low-cost deatering and contractors pumps.
BBA's story
BBA was founded in 1953 for the production of pipes and quick couplings for customers in the Netherlands. The original company later reformed itself into the BBA Group, specialising in manufacturing, selling and servicing pump equipment.
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