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Start-up made easy
You want to build your own rental business, but don't know where to start? Finance specialist Jeff Eisenberg explains the dos and don'ts of rental start-ups.
Stop Press Bauma
Our March issue provided a comprehensive guide to some of the most important product launches planned for the massive Bauma exhibition in Munich on 23-29 April. Here, we provide some additional ‘last minute‘ news on new machines on show in Munich.
Heavy shift
Some rental companies are pioneering the rental of very large mining and civil construction equipment, while others are expanding the rental of large machines with operators. Murray Pollok reports on the heavy rentals business.
Crossing space and time
“Out of sight, out of mind” need not be true any longer when equipment leaves your depot. New communication tools allow rental companies to keep assets – anywhere, anytime – very much in focus. Patrick Hill reports.
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