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The value of shares around the world has sunk like a stone over the first few weeks of the year due to a worsening outlook in the US and the continued effects of the global credit squeeze. Chris Sleight reports.
Review of 2007
The stock markets had more ups and downs than usual in 2007, with record highs being followed by the fall-out from the credit crunch. There were some gains to be had, but it was still the most difficult year since 2002. Chris Sleight reports.
IRN Rental Share Index
IRN's regular Rental Share Index, a monthly share price tracker of rental company shares.
Record IPO
Strabag SE, Austria's largest contractor, raised € 1.33 billion (US$ 1.91 billion) in its October Initial Public Offering (IPO) of shares.
Oil spoils the party
Stock markets may not be as worried about the sub-prime crisis as they were a few months ago, but now the rising oil price is giving cause for alarm... again. Chris Sleight reports
November IC Share Index
November IC Share Index
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