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Roadbuilding: Project spotlight
The road building sector is continuing its drive towards greater efficiency, more accurate monitoring and the increased use of recycled materials.
Ammann's mixing focus
Ammann's stand will feature new mixing plants for the asphalt and concrete industry.
Dublin design - Steve Skinner reports on the widening of the M50 motorway
Widening Ireland’s busiest motorway has proved to be an inspiration for the Atkins design and engineering consultancy.
Road sustainability - environmentally friendly machines and processes for road building
Legislation is driving the road building sector towards more environmentally friendly machines and processes. Steve Skinner reports on a path towards sustainability that's seeing a reduction in energy consumption, emissions and the use of virgin materials.
The path towards sustainability in road building. Steve Skinner reports.
Legislative and economic pressures are driving the road building sector towards more energy efficient and environmentally friendly machines and processes. Steve Skinner reports on the path towards sustainability.
Kompakt 500 launched at M&T Expo
Ciber, Wirtgen Group's South American subsidiary, launched its Kompakt series of asphalt plants at Brazil's M&T Expo last week (2-6 June, Sao Paulo) with the new Kompakt 500, which has a capacity of 50 tonnes per hour.
World of Asphalt wins in Orlando
This year's World of Asphalt show has been deemed a great success by organisers with over 5700 attendees and 400 exhibitors. Steve Skinner reports from the show.
Mobile asphalt
Japanese paving contractor World Kaihatsu Kogyo (WKK) decided to transport a portable batching plant from Cambodia to Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh when it was appointed as a sub contractor to Obayashi Corporation on the city's East-West Highway and Water Environment project.
Cutting edge control: machine control for road building equipment
The use of machine control and guidance systems in the road building sector is escalating. As well as improving productivity and efficiency, these systems ease labour for the operator.Becca Wilkins reports.
Strategic network: Europe's road network continues to expand
Following expansion of the European Union in may 2004 the road network in Europe looks set to expand further eastward as new member states integrate their networks into the Trans European Network in western Europe the market continues to be dominated by opportunities in repair and rehabilitation. Richard High reports.
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