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CE Barometer for April: Business levels reported to be worse than a year ago
Responses predict an improvement in business levels within the next year
CE Barometer for March: Over 50% report business levels are better than a year ago
Despite not knowing what the future will hold, it is positive that many companies are reporting better business levels this year compared to last
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CE Barometer for February 2023
The survey results demonstrate that while business levels have remained steady, there is an equal level of optimism and realism among professionals about the future of the industry
Outlook for construction in Western Europe
Economist Scott Hazelton looks at markets under pressure 
CE Barometer for October 2022
A positive outlook remains, despite current challenges in the construction industry
CE Barometer for August 2022
Positive outlook remains, despite many current challenges in construction
CE Barometer for July 2022
A drop in current business levels contrasts with a somewhat surprising confidence in the future
CE Barometer for June 2022
Current business ‘bounce’ can’t hide concerns over future business levels
CE Barometer for May 2022
Mixed responses from Construction Europe survey speak to the current uncertainty
Outlook for French construction
French construction is expected to see a mostly postive year according to IHS Markit’s Scott Hazelton
CE Barometer for April 2022
While the current situation is challenging, the industry remains cautiously optimisitic
CE Barometer for March 2022
A time to be steady, not optimistic – as a growing number of survey respondents predict a levelling of business activity
CE Barometer for February 2022
Construction’s challenges now go beyond Covid
Outlook for UK construction
UK construction is emerging from the Covid pandemic relatively strongly, but is not, as Scott Hazelton of IHS Markit reports, without its challenges
CE Barometer for January 2022
The latest CE Barometer could reflect the calm before the storm in Ukraine
CE Barometer results for December 2021
Current challenges fail to dampen long-term optimism
CE Barometer results for November 2021
Current issues loom large, but the future is still bright
CE Barometer results for October 2021
2021 bows out with a slight dip in business confidence
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