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February CE Barometer now open
Take part in our one-minute confidence survey on the European construction sector
CE Barometer January 2012: New year, new hope
Sentiment in about the European construction industry's future took a turn for the better in January.
January CE Barometer now open
The January 2012 CE Barometer confidence survey is now available on-line.
CE Barometer December 2011: Pessimism remains
December saw respondents to the CE Barometer survey remain negative about the construction sector, although the strength of feelings was not as pronounced as in November.
December CE barometer now open
Take part in our 1-minute monthly survey of construciton activity in Europe.
CE Barometer November: Confidence collapses
After two months of wavering, confidence in the European construction sector took a dramatic turn for the worse in November.
CE Barometer October: Market stays flat
Another weak set of results point to a flat European construction industry.
CE Barometer September 2011: Confidence still soft
A third straight month of weak results for the CE Barometer could point to a fundamental slowdown in the industry rather than just the normal seasonal lull.
CE Barometer August 2011: Fresh low in current confidence
Slowdown in August and July could be more than a seasonal factor.
CE Barometer July 2011: Confidence falls again
A steep fall in European construction industry confidence in July may mean there is more than just a summer slowdown taking place in the market.
CE Barometer June 2011: Slowdown or seasonal lull?
Sentiment on the European construction industry stayed in positive territory in May, but there was a noticeable dip in the strength of those feelings.
CE Barometer May 2011: Buoyancy continues
Confidence in the European construction industry remained robust and positive in May. Chris Sleight reports.
Question of the month: Credit conditions
For the third year running in April, CE asked respondents to the survey about their experiences gaining credit compared to a year ago.
CE Barometer April 2011: Spring strength
The CE Barometer enojyed a third straight month of strong results in April, resulting from up-beat responses.
Question of the month: New build looks best
Respondents to the March CE Barometer survey think new build sectors will be the most attractive this year - particularly civil engineering. It is a complete reversal from the sentiment a year ago.
CE Barometer March 2011: Recovery sustained
March saw the CE Barometer retain the gains it made from February, when sentiment bounced-back after tough winter conditions the traditional New Year break in activity.
CE Barometer February 2011: Strong rebound
Overall confidence in the European construction industry at its highest since late 2007
CE Barometer January 2011: Seasonal dip
January’s CE Barometer survey showed the normal seasonal slowdown in current activity. However, prospects for the future remained buoyant.
CE Barometer November 2010: No change
Although November saw some improvement in the future outlook for the construction industry, month-on-month activity still looked weak as the winter weather began to threaten.
CE Barometer October 2010: Sentiment still soft
October saw sentiment on European construction activity soften again, although it remained comfortably in positive territory.
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