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Trojan's targeted AC Series batteries
Trojan Battery Company has introduced a new AC Series line of deep cycle batteries, designed for aerial work platform/access and cleaning applications.
Engines: Emissions and efficiency challenges
Where do you start with engines? The industry is working towards the most challenging emissions legislation it has ever faced, while at the same time trying to deliver better efficiency as well as accommodate greater quantities of biofuels - a controversial area in itself. Chris Sleight reports.
Gehl offers solid rubber tires
The company’s new solid tire option is now available for its DL series of telehandlers and is soon to be available for the RS Series as well
New Michelin crane tyre
Mobile crane operators in the UK can now make use of a new Michelin tyre that offer an F speed rating of 50mph (80kph), in place of the previous E rating of 43mph (69kph)
Real life emissions testing
The European Commission is researching ways of measuring engine emissions from construction machines under real-life conditions, rather than relying on laboratory tests. CECE reports.
Deere factory passes 2 million-mark
John Deere's engine factory in Saran, France has produced its 2-millionth engine. The milestone unit was a six cylinder, 6,8 litre 6068H destined for New Way, the company's long-standing engine distributor in South Africa.
Technology group
While many companies like to keep new ideas to themselves until they come to market, Volvo has taken the unusual step of presenting many ‘in progress’ projects from its R&D department to the general public. Chris Sleight reports.
High strength steel
Swedish steel manufacturer SSAB Tunnplåt has launched what it describes “the world's ultimate ultra-high strength, hot-rolled structural steel from strip.”
OEM: Components for construction equipment
Building better construction machines means the components that go into them need to be improved all the time. Chris Sleight looks at the latest development in the sector and the challenges that lie ahead for components suppliers and OEMs alike.
Hybrid revolution
Volvo used ConExpo to unveil a prototype of the world's first ever hybrid drive wheeled loader. The company says the machine will save fuel and be more productive than traditional machines. Chris Sleight reports.
Problem diagnosis solution
When a vehicle starts making squealing noises it is time for the maintenance expert to take a look at the drive belt, advises ContiTech Power Transmission Group
Sensing the load
According to sensor manufacturer Tecsis, the increasing pace and huge quantities of goods handled is a big challenge for modern harbour logistics.
New Hirschmann rotary encoder
Hirschmann's new gSENS DWG 20 rotary encoder uses optical sensors to break down one revolution of a shaft, of a hoist or slew drive unit, for example, into 8192 increments.
Inputs and outputs
Axiomatic Technologies has two new devices for the machine/controller interfaces of access equipment.
Trojan's batteries are maintenance free
Trojan Battery in the US has introduced its Deep-Cycle Gel batteries with gel electrolyte, making them completely maintenance free (no watering), says the company.
Sauer-Danfoss expands controller and pump lines
Germany/US-based Sauer-Danfoss added a larger, general-purpose micro-controller, the MC088-015-00000, to its Plus+1 product line late last year. The controller has 42 inputs, 32 outputs, and two CAN 2.0B ports, expanding the line beyond the previously largest 50-pin model.
Less (emission) is more
The prospects of higher costs and bigger engine compartments seem to be the biggest concern for engine manufacturers as they adapt designs to comply with increasingly stringent emissions requirements.
Control types
There are three ways to move the spool, cartridge, or slider within a hydraulic control valve to affect the flow through it:
Volvo's new hybrid drive wheeled loader
The most downloaded story from KHL Group's ConExpo Daily electronic newsletters concerned the launch of Volvo's new hybrid drive wheeled loader.
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