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Bringing them down
Most full-line construction equipment manufacturers in Europe offer demolition machines in their ranges and specialist companies who provide the taller machines are working to capacity to meet demand. Lindsay Gale reports on this currently buoyant sector and the machines themselves.
Organic growth plans
In terms of the construction equipment market, Hyundai is still a relative newcomer to Europe but the company has plans to move up the ranks and gain a larger market share. Claire Symes spoke to Hyundai Heavy Industries Europe’s managing director, J W Hwang to find out more.
Doubling the benefits
Laying up to 1000 tonnes of asphalt in an hour to form a pavement with double the service life of a conventional carriageway and at less cost, sounds too good to be true. But that is exactly what is being done on one motorway widening project in Germany. Claire Symes visited the site to find out more.
European GDP growth slows
Construction’s contribution to the rate of GDP growth in Europe slowed in the third quarter of 2006, according to the latest report from Eurostat, the EU statistics office. Claire Symes reports.
Dollar Dives
November was a quiet month for the stock markets, with prices holding steady following October’s gains. More notable was the sharp dip in the value of the Dollar and a further slide for the Yen. Chris Leight reports.
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